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Psittaciformes in Africa

NameScientific nameVisits
Vasa ParrotCoracopsis vasa3585
Black ParrotCoracopsis nigra3478
Grey ParrotPsittacus erithacus6383
Timneh ParrotPsittacus timneh3705
Cape ParrotPoicephalus robustus3732
Red-fronted ParrotPoicephalus gulielmi3549
Yellow-fronted ParrotPoicephalus flavifrons4216
Brown-headed ParrotPoicephalus cryptoxanthus4019
Niam-Niam ParrotPoicephalus crassus3732
Meyer's ParrotPoicephalus meyeri4116
Rueppell's ParrotPoicephalus rueppellii3791
Red-bellied ParrotPoicephalus rufiventris3737
Senegal ParrotPoicephalus senegalus4019
Gray-headed LovebirdAgapornis canus5953
Red-headed LovebirdAgapornis pullarius4310
Black-winged LovebirdAgapornis taranta3653
Rosy-faced LovebirdAgapornis roseicollis4323
Yellow-collared LovebirdAgapornis personatus3866
Fischer's LovebirdAgapornis fischeri5004
Lilian's LovebirdAgapornis lilianae3916
Black-cheeked LovebirdAgapornis nigrigenis3201
Black-collared LovebirdAgapornis swindernianus3108
Rose-ringed ParakeetPsittacula krameri3849
Reunion ParakeetPsittacula eques3358
Brown-necked ParrotPoicephalus fuscicollis2212
Mascarene ParrotMascarene ParrotMascarinus mascarin173

Psittaciformes in Africa

The psittaciformes (Psittaciformes) are an order of birds that includes approximately 86 genres 372 species found mainly in tropical and subtropical areas.

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Anatomy of the Psitacidae


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