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Posted by pets | 26 October 2011

White cheeks Turaco

Tauraco leucotis

This striking bird is native to Africa (area of Ethiopia) and reaches a size of 42 to 43 cm..

It has bright green feathers, with a dark crest on the head, may stands at will, the Underwing coverts are blue like the tail, While the … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 25 October 2011

The Japan Nightingale

The Japan Nightingale

The The Japan Nightingale It is in Japan, from China. They live in the wild in the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia, to the South of the range of the Himalayas in the North and the South of Indochina. It has a preference for wooded areas.

Some populations have been introduced … Read the rest

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Anatomy of the Psitacidae


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