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Posted by tiadoc | 22 April 2011

- Ibizan Hound - España FCI 89

Ca Eivissenc
The CA Eivissenc is one of the medium sized Greyhound, very similar to the Pharaoh Hound.
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Ca Eivissenc or Ibicenco Hound, It is a breed canine Spanish Ibiza (Spain). It gets its name from the island Ibiza, belonging to the Group of islands in the Balearic Islands, bathed by the Mediterranean.

This dog, the sense of sight and hearing very developed, that is why he has been assigned to hunting, especially in the rabbit, both day and night.

It is a kind of primitive and rustic dog, considered one of the oldest breeds that exist and can be seen the tombs of the Pharaohs and museums whose first signs can be traced back to the 3.400 BC.

Ca Eivissenc is one medium-sized Greyhound, very similar to the Pharaoh Hound. Without a doubt a descendant of the old Egypt dogs, so say the theories written on race..

The origin of this breed is Spain, comes from the island of Ibiza. The city of Ibiza was founded in the 654 BC. by the Carthaginians and it is a conjecture states the possibility of the first settlers to carry with them their dogs of Egyptian origin for simple company and hunt rabbits which were abundant on the island.

But various genetic studies in recent years have come to conclude that contrary to widespread belief that the hound is a type of primitive imported dog makes a 3.000 the area of middle years, These dogs really are close genetic relationship with the rest of European hunting dogs and are not more “primitive” the majority of ellos… The researcher Peter Antoni Marí, Describes various aspects of the morphology, ethology and ecology of Ca Eivissenc in his Races autoctones of les Pitiüses.

Physical characteristics

Elegant and agile, with an athletic and attractive outline, and with an elastic trot.

The podenco Ibicenco has a long, narrow head, sharp cone-shaped; the skull is long and narrow with a little pronounced Stop. The ears must be straight, towards front and very mobile; oblique eyes, small and always amber clear.

The nose is flesh-colored and usually be taken into account to determine the purity of the breed. The color will always be blanco-marron, Blanco-leonado or unicolor, Although this last possibility is more rare encontarlos. The weight varies between the 18 and 24 Kg, Depending on whether it's a male or a female, as well as if you are too well or poorly fed. With regard to the height of the dog there are also many disputes since fashion has at times imposed more slender and tall dogs that the found in the Pitiusas Islands.

The current standard is one height of between 66 and 72 cm., It is very far from reality and the first official standard. Dogs that are bred in Ibiza and Formentera are lower than the maximum permitted height.

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Standard FCI
Character and skills

Pet is an excellent. Very easy to maintain when treated well and will respect your space. It is a dog who thinks pos yes same and there are times they prefer not to have to demonstrate its appreciation towards his master nor be appreciated; just let it quiet. It requires patience when it is trained.

It is not recommendable for the home where children are (He has no patience and is very independent). Generally does not get along well with other pets. Can maintain you in apartment or House, When receive plenty of daily exercise.

Images Ca Eivissenc
  • Alternative names: Ibizan Podenco / Ibizan Warren Hound / Podenco Ibicenco / Ca Eivissenc
  • Group 5 / Section 7 – Primitive type, hunting dogs.

Dogs breeds: CA Eivissenc

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