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Posted by tiadoc | 7 August 2011

Norwegian Elkhound Hunter

Cazador de Alces Noruego

The Norwegian Elkhound Hunter (Elkhound Norwegian), It is one of the oldest breeds of Spitz type and the national dog of Norway.

Is usually used as Hunter, guardian, Shepherd and dog defense. Norwegian Elkhound Hunter was presented for the first time in a dog show in Norway, in 1877.

He has been employed as a Hunter, guardian, Shepherd and dog defense. This race is the product of a country of sub-Arctic temperatures, heavy snowfall, dense forests and rugged mountains, What has given rise to develop a great resistance. Bravery can highlight, perhaps due to its ancient use in the hunt for the bear and other pieces of hunting, such as Moose and wolves. The Norwegian Elkhound was presented for the first time in a dog show in Norway, in 1877.
The Norwegian Elkhound Hunter It has one 45-52 cm in height and weighs up, approximately, 24 kg. Its grey fur, black and white is composed of two layers: a dense, soft fur, black color that goes in the mouth, the tip of its tail and ears, then it is degraded in silvery gray on the legs, the tail and bottom, and then covered with a black cloak. It has a coiled tail. The Elkhound, It is a very resistant and medium-sized dog. They have a very strong bark, Why are good monitors.

Read all about the race, by clicking on: Elkhound Norwegian.

Norwegian Elkhound Hunter

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