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    Posted by tiadoc | 14 March 2012

    Afghan Hound breeders or Afghan Greyhound in Spain

    Criadores de Afghan Hound o Galgo Afgano en España

    The Afghan Greyhound (also known as Afghan Hound, Balkh Hound, Baluchi Hound, Barutzy Hound, Shalgar Hound, Kabul Hound, or Galanday Hound) It is a dog from Afghanistan. It has a distinctive coat, very long, fine and silky, It needs continuous care that he entangled, arriving at losing their gloss.

    It is considered one of the least intelligent races, positioned on the scale as the number 79 According to S. City, author of "The Intelligence of Dogs", but also whimsical.

    An Afghan Greyhound could pretend that he does not know his master after having left a couple of afternoons on the patio, or not having given all the attention that demand.
    The origin of this breed it is possible to be in the Saluki breed, It would have come to Afghanistan via Persia (Read all about the race…).

    Where can informarnos…

    Spanish club of Salukis and greyhounds Afghans
    Avda. Thomas L. Victoria, 18-D. 43850 -Cambrils, Bay (Tarragona)
    Phones: + 34 977 36 86 79 / + 34 639 01 42 66
    Fax: + 34 977 29 25 27

    Afghan Hound breeders list or Greyhound Afghan recommended and recognized the Spanish Club of Salukis and greyhounds Afghans:

    • Anazil Afghan Hound (Barcelona). Mario Pantoja Lizana - Tel.: 607497353
    • Cabells D ’ angel (Mallorca). Manoli Rodríguez and Trujillano Isidro – Tel.: 971429869 / 637204204. Email:
    • Caravan (Alicante). Lotta Brun – Tel.: 649562830
    • Cedilha (Malaga). Francisco Moreno Núñes – Tel.: 696943942. Email:
    • Biebrich Scarlet (La Coruña). Patricia Viaño-Nuñez and José Salgueiro Moreira – Tel.: 665270608
    • Eyes Gazing (Barcelona). Rosa Martin and Drina Stojsic – Tel.: 615023049
    • Golddragon (Alicante). Mario and Joaquín Martínez Sánchez – Tel.: 966779047 / 650 546192
    • Great East (Barcelona). Paquita Kriens.Tel.: 659545558 / Email:
    • Huilaco ’ s (Madrid). Norman Huidobro Corbett – Tel.: 918736225
    • Jafec (Mallorca). Danielle Daynes – Tel.: 971822104
    • Jatabe (La Rioja). Rafael Lanz Zarandona – Tel.: 941300023 / 656776741
    • Khafka ’ s (Gerona). Philippe Gallardo and Felix Duke – Tel.: 972164624 / 652935559
    • Loygar ’ s Lebreles (Valencia). Ramón Moreno and Ana María Hellín – Telf.: 630318005
    • Mariscalato (Cartagena). Rosa María Lozano Carrillo – Tel.: 649407458
    • Mebra (Malaga). Alfonso Mena Vázquez – Tel.: 952805182
    • Shikarah (Madrid).David Allan and Javier Blanco – Tel.: 918719473
    • Taifa ’ s (Madrid). José Vicente Grau Barberà – Tel.: 629879137
    • Tazis (Barcelona). Esther E. Blázquez Tiemblos – Tel. /Fax: 934156472
    • Tuu-Jhuu ’ s (Vizcaya). Mikel Jones Gardeazabal - Tel.: 944156873. Email:
    • The Pearl of Khorasan (Valladolid). Rubén del Río and María Pérez. Tel.: 645992470

    Afghan Hound breeders or Afghan Greyhound in Spain

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    2 comments on “Afghan Hound breeders or Afghan Greyhound in Spain
    1. alberto says:

      Hello I have 4 two Afghan Greyhound they are brothers.A different litter and the fourth female is the result of a mating we make.
      They are a breed that apart from his bearing of coat,his way of being in my case are carinosisimos.un so desconfidos like all sighthounds, but when you know down the head and look for caresses.
      My Afghans both have used them as for expos and for the control of pests of rabbits and this last note that yours is hunting.Cuts and an incredible agility in turns!!!
      Training as a whole…If raisins dog and not dedicate 5 minutitos makes you a lobooo hehe.
      Hatsan one of them to the two months I got the sitting together that was by my side and the llamada.todo this based on affection and awards.
      To sum up in a future race condition!!hehe

    2. Jennifer says:

      I would like a cachorita

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