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The Balinese cat It can boast of having between close to the famous relatives Siamese twins.

It is not clear that the gene … Read the rest



The Bengal cat is a hybrid.

In 1963 Jean Sugden led an Asian Leopard cat to California and this coupled with a cat … Read the rest

3American Burmese

Burmese American

This race, the cat American Burmese, It was created in the year 1930 by the Dr.G.Thompson, through the selection of appropriate crossings … Read the rest

4European Burmese

European Burmese

The European Burmese descended from the American: Us cats were imported to Europe after the second world war and the GCCF recognized the … Read the rest

5American Bobtail

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail It is a cat of short tail that emerged spontaneously in the United States. The ideal subject is a … Read the rest

6Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail is a breed of Russia. This Bobtail has not undergone genetic modification caused or calculated. Nobody … Read the rest

7Shorthair japanese bobtail


A theory of the Shorthair japanese bobtail indicates that they came from the Asian continent to Japan makes at least … Read the rest

8Longhair Japanese Bobtail

Longhair Japanese Bobtail

The Longhair Japanese Bobtail is a natural variant of the Shorthair japanese bobtail.

This … Read the rest

9Bobtail Karelia


Other names for the Karelian Bobtail are, Karel Bobtail, Karelia or Karellian. The mutation that gives this breed of cat his … Read the rest

10Mekong Bobtail


The Mekong Bobtail they are genetically derived from the Siamese. Their race has developed mainly in Russia with cats brought there from different … Read the rest


Bombay cat

The term Bombay cat used to refer to two different breeds of cats , known as the British Bombay and the American Bombay.

The Bombay … Read the rest

12Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The only thing true Norwegian Forest Cat It's an ancient race.

The legend, He says that he is none other than the cat … Read the rest

13Siberian Forest Cat

Siberian forest cat

As other breeds of cats big and hairy, It is the result of the harsh climate of the Earth, that it favored the hunters more … Read the rest

14Brazilian Shorthair

Brazilian Shorthair

The founder of this breed, Brazilian Shorthair , is Paul Ruschi. He is an engineer by profession and an avid lover of the … Read the rest

15British blue

British blue

The British blue It is the best-known of all the British shorthair, not only by … Read the rest

16British shorthair

British shorthair

The original basis of race British shorthair It was extracted from the robust common cats from Great Britain, When the contests … Read the rest

17British longhair

Photo: wilkipedia

This race is a long-haired version of the British shorthair.

The British longhairRead the rest

18American Burmese

American Burmese

The origins of all the cats burrneses they can be traced to a single female. Although the pattern Burmese cats knew much … Read the rest

19European Burmese

European burmes

The European Burmese has the same origins as the American Burmese, that goes back to Wong Man, led cat … Read the rest



The race Burmilla He was born following an accidental crossing, in the United Kingdom between a cat chinchilla Persian and an other … Read the rest

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