Cat breeds beginning with J-K-L. History and characteristics. | Pets



The name of this breed can create confusion. Quite differs from the East of long hair and the Angora … Read the rest

2Jungala Ocicat

jungala (1)

Most people have heard or seen the Ocicats, but you never hear about classic “Jungala”. It is likely … Read the rest


Karelian 2

See: Bobtail Karelia

Other names for the Karelian Bobtail, Karel Bobtail, Karelia or Karellian. The mutation that gives to … Read the rest



It is thought that the Keudas are the descendants of some of the first cats brought to Texas and some may have come from … Read the rest



Tarnra Maew or poems from the book of the Gauls (1350-1767) of Thailand distinguishes the si-sawat silvery frosted of other blue cats. Currently … Read the rest

6Kucing Malaysia

kucing malaysia 1

It is the first cat of breed Malaysia. It has a similar conformation to the Tonkinese While its color is similar … Read the rest

7Laperm (Short hair)


The founder of this breed cat was born without hair in a litter of cats from farm in The Dalles, in Oregon. When to the … Read the rest

8Li Hua Mao

Li Hua Mao

See: Dragón Li

Dragon Li is regarded as a domestic breed of wild subspecies of the Chinese cat, Felis … Read the rest

9The desert Lynx

desert lynx

Desert lynx is originally from the United States and is the result of crosses between the lynxes of American short tail (Bobcat) with … Read the rest

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