Cat breeds beginning with M-N. History and characteristics. | Pets

1Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is characterized, above all, by two traits: its long fur and large size. In the harsh winters of the East of … Read the rest



The origin of the breed Mandalay, of New Zealand, began with the accidental crossing between the domestic short hair cat and … Read the rest



The lack of tail in cats often disappear, but in the small and isolated population of the cats from the island of … Read the rest

4Marbled Mist

Marbled Mist

Australian Mist version, changed pattern tabby in marked hazy background color.

The only difference with the Australian Mist is … Read the rest

5Bad Egipcio

Egyptian Mau

Mau is an Egyptian word for "cat", and all existing races, the mau is probably that bears more resemblance … Read the rest

6Domestic Mexican


Recognized in Mexico in 1978 as a domestic cat of Mexico and one of the first natural breeds, descendants of the cats … Read the rest



Paul MeSorley of Boston began working to produce the minskin in 1998. He used the Sphinx for his lack of fur and the … Read the rest

8Moggy (Cat without pedigree)

mestizo 1

For those of you that you are not familiar with the English language, “Moggy” It is an informal name for a cat – “MOG” or “Moggy” … Read the rest



Mojave spotted is a breed of cat developed with the purpose of preserving wild cats of the Mojave Desert.
Originally … Read the rest

10Munchkin (short hair)


It is known that short-legged cats appeared several times in the century xrx, but always disappeared without a trace. The same … Read the rest

11Munchkin (long hair)


The Munchkin's long hair has the same origin as the of short hair. It is not known if Blackberry, … Read the rest

12Neva Masquerade

Neva Masquerade

Neva Masquerade is the traditional Colorpoint cat of the forests of Siberia . Neva Masquerade has its … Read the rest



When in the 19th century, Blue Cats of Russia were exhibited for the first time in other places, was submitted to the hair … Read the rest

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