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Great Dane

Gran Danés

The Great Dane (or Great Dane), German Doge or German Alano It is a breed of dog known for its large size and delicate personality, considered as the «Apollo among all races by the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

The great Dane, even being a giant race, should not be clumsy in his walk and movements. Your character must be friendly and never shy. Males should be stronger than the females Constitution.

Its Constitution is strong and muscular; is neither light nor double. The form of males is square; is as high as long. The females be them “allows you to” be slightly longer than high. Equals the distance from the cross standing on the shoulders of the shoulders to the ground.

Fiction has made it one of the best-known dogs for the general public. The character Scooby Doo is a great Dane.

Are considered ancestors of the current German Doge to the old “Bullenbeisser” as well as the “"Hatz und Saurüden" (dogs of
wild boar hunting) He placed among the powerful English mastiffs and a quick and agile Hound.

The term “Dogge” apply then to large, strong dogs that were not necessarily a race in particular.

Later, they used special names such as “Ulmer Dogge“, “English Doge“, “Danish Doge” “Hatzrüde“, “Saupacker” and “Great Doge“, by defining different types of dog according to the color and size.

In 1878 a Committee composed of seven members was integrated in Berlin, Active breeders and judges under the chairmanship of Dr. Bodinus, who took the decision to gather all varieties mentioned above within the concept “Deutsche Doggen” (German Doges), Thus it begins with the basis for raising an independent German race.

In 1880, during an exhibition held in Berlin, the first standard is set for the German Doge. This has been controlled by the “Deutscher Doggen Club 1888 e.v.” and altered in some occasions through the years. The current version conforms to the model of the CRF.

The strong and powerful German Doge was not always 'gentle giant' that tends to represent and describe currently. In fact, He was a wrestler and much feared aggressive Hunter due to his harsh temper and his combative spirit.

Fortunately, through excellent breeding and dedicated fans, this breed has been transformed over the years in a friendly and affectionate working dog, suitable for families around the world.

The great Dane (or Doge German) brings together in its aristocratic general appearance, a structure large and well equipped for his height that can be of 2,10 meters to be on two legs taken in comparison to the great Dane grey; his greatest qualities are his loyalty, pride, strength and elegance. At first glance it may intimidate but in almost all cases is an excellent company and provider of affection toward their masters. It perfectly combines hard features with a special and unique in its breed temperament.

Some who have black spots are grey around. His hair is a bit thick, short, brilliant if you planned on a daily basis, and some have hair glued to her skin than others.

The CRF allows only 5 colors:

  • Griffon: yellow golden colour with black mask. The eyebrows and edges of the eyes must be black, While the ears and the tail may be clearer.
  • Striped: Fawn and black in a striped pattern.
  • Blue: Dark steel grey, allowing white markings on chest and legs.
  • Black: Jet Black pure, allowing white markings on chest and legs.
  • Harlequin: White with black patches. The great Dane is the only race which shows this color pattern on her coat.

Other colors are occasionally presented, but they are not accepted in exhibitions and therefore they are not actively sought by breeders. These colors include the «merlado», grey color with patches.

Measures and weight of these gigantones are the following:

  • Males, more than 90 cm..
  • Females, more than 80 cm..
  • Males, approx.. between 73 kg and 80 kg.
  • Females, approx.. between 58 kg and 73 kg.
It is nice, loving and devoted to their owners, especially with the children. It is reserved with strangers. Is required to be a confident dog, not afraid, easy guide, a docile partner and family. You must have a high resistance to any provocation and should not be aggressive.

A perla…

The ‘Giant George‘, the world's largest dog according to the Guinness world record.

Great Dane

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