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Posted by tiadoc | 14 May 2011

Russian European laika

Laika Ruso Europeo

The Russian European laika (Russko-Evropeïskaïa Laïka) It is a breed of hunting dog originating in the forest region of Northern Europe and Russia, one of the many developed from the vernacular race Laïka and ancient Spitz type dogs.

His breeding dates of 1944 by E. I. Shereshevsky en el All-Union Research Institute for the Hunting Industry, en Kalinin (hoy provincia de Tver). Recognized by the FCI with the number 304, along with other Russian dogs, with the number 305 is the Vostotchno-Sibirskaïa Laïka (East Siberian Laïka) and with the 306 Zapadno-Sibirskaïa Laïka (West Siberian Laïka).

The average size of the males is of 54 to 60 cm height and females is of 52 to 58 cm.. With raised ears and tail high on the back. The weight is variable but provided his height. It is a very lively breed love to which outside.

He uses his bark to alert the Hunter of a nearby piece and ladra also at home when he sees things you dislike, or will attract negative attention. It is a dog that is easily excited, When something comes out of the usual context.

It is territorial and an excellent guard dog, very tolerant of children and little with strangers and other dogs not family.

Russian European laika

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