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1Hamilton Stövare

Hamilton Stövare

Hamilton Stövare It is a breed of dog developed in Sweden by the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count Adolf Hamilton (Hence its name). This is a sniffer which from its origins was used for hunting hares and foxes. Among his ancestors are hounds Germans, … Read the rest



While the origin of this breed has been questioned, given the number of different versions that exist of the cross, one of the versions most consensual tells that they have reached the shores of Great Britain with the Norman invading armies of Read the rest



This ancient lineage of dogs, known today as Hokkaïdo (name of the second Japanese island, largest), It is also known as Kyushu or Dog Ochi. According to historical data its existence dates back to year 1000 BC. The offspring of dogs Hokkaïdo, is uncertain, but some authors believe … Read the rest



The Hovawart is a breed of German origin, of working dog, Perhaps more old.

Currently with documentary records dating from 1473, as for example, legal texts of the time, through which he condemned with very high fines on all … Read the rest



Huntaway (New Zealand Huntaway or Pastor New Zealand) It is a breed of dog native of New Zealand What, Since its early inception, they were used to drive vast herds of sheep using their strong and deep bark. The breed is relatively new, its existence dates back to the decade … Read the rest

6Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky It is a breed of working dog native of Eastern Siberia. This breed has a similar accused with the Wolf: Medium-sized, It can weigh between 16 and 29 pounds and measure of 51 to 60 centimeters in height. Was originally raised by the Read the rest

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