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Posted by tiadoc | 14 October 2011

- Gran Bretaña FCI 1

Pointer Inglés

The English pointer It is a dog of great kindness and loyalty to its owner and docile.

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The English pointer, Dog shows or Perdiguero, It is a type of dog traditionally used in England.

Originated in the 17TH century, When some English began the breeding of hunting dogs that are adecuasen to the practice of this sport with shotgun. The first canine exhibition held in England only supported Pointer or Spaniel breeds dogs.

As it is the case so many times, There are several theories about the origins of the Pointer. Some experts claim that it is descended from the French pointing dog while others say that their ancestor in Braco English.

A third stream has the opinion that the father of this lineage was Braco Spanish, as this dog was established in Britain by 1793.

The Pointer has been defined as the hunting dog for excellence, under its classic forms. Quick and tireless Hunter, pride of fans of large searches for their great qualities, He knows highlight on land flat and clean.

Equipped with a fine sense of smell, you know perceive the slightest smell of any animal, even in warm and dry climates. Tireless galopador, mood impetuous and search fast.

Physical characteristics

It has a chest width, thighs and legs well-developed and muscular. Oval foot, with arched toes.

Tail medium length, thick at the base, It is refined gradually towards the tip, held at the level of the body.

The fur is fine, short, rigid, perfectly smooth and glossy.

The color It is characterized by the predominance of combinations with the white coat, the colors that are combined are: black, Brown, Orange and yellow.

Unicolores and tri-color copies, According to the standard, they are also supported.

The height to the desired cross, for the male, is of 63 to 69 cm., for the female of 61 to 66 cm.. In males the weight will oscillate between the 20 and 30 Kg, females are lighter…

Usually live between 13 and 14 years.

English pointer: Standard FCI
Character and skills

English Pointer living in family shows quiet, But if you are working will be an energetic and inexhaustible dog. In no case hysterical or aggressive.

This dog is famous - especially- due to its speed, When hunting is going to gallop.

As a pet is very affectionate, quiet, educated, balanced, and somewhat distrustful with strangers.

It is a dog docile and of great kindness and loyalty to its owner.


The English pointer along with the Setter they have been until very recently, the quintessential hunting dogs. But that has changed...

Imágenes del Pointer Inglés
  • Otros nombres: Perdiguero Inglés / English Pointer / Pointer Inglese.
  • Group 7 / Section 2 – Sample British dog.

Dogs breeds: English pointer

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