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Posted by tiadoc | 14 May 2011

- Francia FCI 28

Sabueso Artesiano

The Hound artesian It is a good company but with independent dog.

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The Hound artesian He is known in his homeland as "Briquet" (that means "small braco") as well as dog de Picardie.

It is true that it is a dog of ancient lineage like few others has enjoyed the admiration and the royalty protection (King Henry IV and Louis XIII), being considered a distinguished Hunter of Hare.

He played with devotion to his duties in the most varied scenarios (plain, Floresta or denser clumps) and I used to be easily identified by his master due to his original bark.

Some authors have that in 1609 Prince Alexander Gray has sent some copies of this race to the King of England, which have subsequently been used for the creation of the Beagle.

The development of the artesian Hound, However, It has not been stable or linear. According to a French hunting manual, dating of 1890, It is known that in late 19th century it used to be difficult to find copies of this lineage pure.

The apparent arbitrariness to the development of the race and their successive crosses with other species (mostly of English origin) they will disperse the original purity of this lineage.

In this stage a so-called breeder Ernest Levoir tries to restore this lineage to the Northern France. There are other names that were associated with these recovery attempts during the 20th century, as Mallard (at the time of World War I), Audréchy, among others.

With everything, Some authors consider that it has been Mme. Great Pyla who has won the most positive results, managing to restore the breeding of this breed.

Currently, This dog It remains a rare breed and there are quite a few clubs that protect their development.

Physical characteristics

Very Agile, It adapts to various types of terrain and shown extremely persistent in the performance of their duties. In addition, has an excellent sense of direction, a developed sense of smell and speed of movement.

This robust dog has a fur short, dense, soft and well attached to the body.

The color the coat is dark Fawn tri-color, It is a color similar to the Hare or the Badger. It has large spots. Y, the head tends to be carbonated, or charcoal grey and sometimes presents black reflections.

It has wide and rounded skull and pronounced chamfer. It has the square snout, the black truffle and its round eyes give it a gentle air.

The ears they are wide, long and inserted at eye level.

The neck and chest are vigorous and long. The rump and the spine are also robust and Member muscular. In the long run tail stays in the form of sickle.

Hound artesian: Standard FCI
Character and skills

Currently, He continues using this dog more as that dog as a companion dog. Like the large spaces, It does not conform to the sedentary life in the city.

You can live in a home but if given a daily dose of exercise physicist and games.

The artesian Hound is a brave and intelligent dog, very independent and quite energetic.

It is an animal very resistant, possessing a Special bark You may hear a lot distance. It is a dog that is used primarily for hunting.

Hunters usually go hunting with six or eight copies of Artois Hound.

You don't see much as companion dog, but in this case it is a good companion, It is not a Mongrel dog thanks to its strong independence, but will be loving in their own way, without empalagar.

The Artois hound pictures
  • Otros nombres: Chien d’Artois / Picard / Briquet / Artois Hound.
  • Group 6 / Section 1.2 – Medium-sized hounds.

Dogs breeds: Hound artesian

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