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- Yugoslavia (Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro) FCI 41


The Šarplaninac is a brave dog, quiet, safe and reserved with strangers.
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The Šarplaninac (ШАРПЛАНИНАЦ) (pronounced “sharplanínatz”), Macedonian Šarplaninac, in Albanian Qen i Sharrit) is a dog of medium size in the region of the Balkans pastor.

As it is the case with many breeds, the true origins of this agility is unknown, Although there are theories that attempt to approach them. Some authors raised that their ancestors were the ancient molossians, especially from Greece and cattle dogs natives of Turkey dogs.

Other authors believe that the Šarplaninac, drift of Asian dogs that arrived in Europe accompanied by migration of peoples who were engaged in raising them. This theory is currently the most widely accepted.

The race was initially recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1939 under the name Illyrian Shepherd Dog, demonstrating the ancient name of the native region of these dogs.

In 1957, at the request of the Yugoslav Canine Federation (JKS), the FCI changed the name by the of Yugoslav Shepherd Dog-Šarplaninac, because it is in the mountains Šar (Šar Planina in the South Slavic languages, is a chain of mountains located on the border south of Serbia in the province of Kosovo and in the northwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia), where is concentrated the largest number of specimens of the breed.

If there is something indisputable is that the Šarplaninac, lives since ancient times in the mountainous regions of the former Yugoslavia, from where it has spread throughout the Balkan Peninsula and recently, beyond these borders.

Escudo de DragasThe Šarplaninac image appears on the obverse of the coin 1 Denar, issued in the Republic of Macedonia in the year 1993, and also is the emblematic character of the coat of arms of Dragaš, a city in the South of Kosovo, found in the region of the mountains Šar.

The Šarplaninac ranches in North America as an estimated dog and guardian of cattle. The problems of predators have been largely diminished once that a Šarplaninac , takes the responsibility of a herd. The Šarplaninac is one of the few dogs that can scare a wolf or a bear.

Physical characteristics

The Šarplaninac, is a large size dog, It is quite above average when it comes to large breeds. It is also robust and equipped with a strong Constitution.

The height males average is of 56 to 62 cm and females is of 54 to 58 cm.. The length of the body is slightly greater than the height at the withers.

Although some authors speak of the existence of individuals whose actions were between 75 and 85 cm. of height and a weight of 65 to 100 kg.

The huge head is proportional to the body, It has the skull slightly convex and slightly longer than the muzzle.

The eyes the Šarplaninac are almond-shaped and Brown (light or dark), transmit an expression of serenity but the look is penetrating.

The ears they are medium-sized, flat and hang on the cheeks.

The tail It is long and Sabre-shaped, If it is in a State of alert takes high just beyond it the line of the spine.

The fur It is long in some parts of the body and short in others. In the head, the ears and the anterior part of the extremities, is short. The length of the neck, the body and the back of the limbs and tail, is long.

Regard to the the fur color, all uniform colors are supported but it is preferable to be gray iron and gray very dark. Also, at the top of the head, the neck and the trunk have darker hair.

Šarplaninac: Standard FCI
Character and skills

The temperament of the puppy is described as an independent, distant with strangers, and quiet until, He is a threat to the flock, When in early the Šar bursting with rapid ferocity. The breed has a protective nature.

It is very affectionate with the family and adapts very well to home life.

It is a dog easy to train because he likes to learn new things. It is mainly a watchdog, While it is known as a typical dog.

If it is trained to defend, You will need a quiet and strong person not transmitted not shred of nervousness, to be a reactive super dog might develop aggressive behavior, especially if the coach supports and welcomes those reactions.

The name comes from the Šar mountain (Šar Planina) spanning the border of the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia, where is it found generally accompanying and keeping large herds of sheep when they graze.

The animal can work with cattle and serves as a watchdog. He was raised and used as dog military under the Government of Josip Broz Tito and is still used by the army of Serbia.


Similar to the Pastor of the Caucasusthat is very much– He has a temperament more characteristic of a dog guard to a lead dog herds.

Let us not forget that this agility, He was selected to defend the herds of the attack of wolves that were previously very numerous in their homeland.

It is necessary that the owner of this dog is a person responsible and very conscious of the copy that is in charge of, the Šarplaninac, It has a specially developed and powerful teeth, It can be a real danger if the dog is not given a correct and healthy education.

Images of the Šarplaninac
  • Otros nombres: Perro de pastor de Charplanina / Jugoslovenski Pas-Sarplaninac / Charplaninatz / Perro ovejero ilirio / Perro Pastor Ilirio / Perro montañés de Kosovo / Perro pastor de Kosovo / Perro montañés macedonio / Perro pastor macedonio / Šar Planinac / Šar Planinec / Perro Pastor Yugoslavo / Perro Montañés Yugoslavo.
  • Group 2 / Section 2 – Molosoides and mountain dogs.

Dogs breeds: Šarplaninac

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