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    Posted by pets | 9 October 2011

    How much do animals sleep??

    Most animals have a daily pattern of rest and activity. Some animals are more active during the day (daytime) and some are more active at night (night). Spend time animals sleep?? Well, depends on the animal:

    This table was adapted from four sources:

    1 – Aserinsky, (E)., the status of lids at birth: the relationship with adult mammalian circadian patterns, in REM sleep , edited by BN Mallick and S. Inoue, Narosa Publishing, New Delhi, 1999, p. 7.
    2 – Campbell, the SS and Tobler, (I)., the dream of the animals:. A review of the duration of sleep through the phylogeny of neuroscience and Bioconductual Rev. , 8:269-300, 1984.
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    2 comments on “How much do animals sleep??
    1. Jane Phillips says:

      The picture you have for a “squirrel” is not a squirrel, it is a chipmunk.

    2. Pets says:

      Thanks Jane.

      By sight the easiest thing to identfy them is their tail. Squirrels have a bushy tail that they curl up behind them, while chipmunks have a thinner, straighter tail. Squirrels are also bigger than chipmunks, and can be either red or gray, chipmunks are usually red.

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