Why they steal dogs in the United States.?UU.?

Thieves take advantage of the love they have dogs.

The theft of dogs in United States has tripled in recent years, According to new data. Why are these pets a white??

Getting home and see that it has already been sacked by itself is sufficiently distressing, but for Peggy Riley loss was deeper.

Its two Yorkshire terriers of 9 years of age, Baxter and Cooper, they were stolen, What made the loss of your computer and the disorder of his home in San Antonio, Texas, they were insignificant in comparison.

“I only remember that suddenly I realized that it was in the middle of the street, two houses of mine, shouting their names and crying nonstop”.

“The anguish is so great that I can not describe. My life was shattered. I have no children, so they were my babies”, He told the BBC.

Riley, of 48 years, He has spent thousands of dollars trying to recover their dogs and still offering a reward of $10,000 to whom back them safe and sound. Two private investigators are working on the case and have placed advertisements in several newspapers. They also created a page on Facebook asking to return them.

She believes that the thieves took them by chance, but the Yorkshire terrier is one of the races more steal criminals who consider dogs valuable as a source of income in difficult times.

New data of the Kennel Club of United States indicate that the theft of dogs in this country more than doubled this year and has quadrupled since the beginning of the recession.

Armed robbery

“There are economic reasons of Fund”, says the spokeswoman for the club, Lisa Peterson. “Offenders sell them on the internet to unsuspecting buyers at flea markets or on the edge of the road. I've seen stolen dogs appearing later miraculously when the owner offers a reward”.

Offenders Act in many ways, notes: they get into the houses, on parked cars or simply stealing them from the people on the street.

Cooper still has not returned to his home in Texas.

Family was playing with her terrier pitbull in Oklahoma when a man approached them and made them a few questions, has Peterson. Then, followed them home and the morning following entered, he tied to the family while pointed them a gun and robbed the puppy.

In New York, a girl was pulled out to his Maltese Bichon of arms on the street, While in Idaho a girl suffered a similar attack while he was resting on the bench in a park.

All races are vulnerable, but particularly small, as the Yorkshire terriers and Pomerania, because they are popular and easy-to-load.

The increase in thefts occurs when the potential owners are paying more and more by a dog, According to the Association of products for pets United States: up to US$ 354 last year, While in 2008 the price was US$ 221.

There is a 46 millions of Americans who have more than 78 millions of dogs.

This type of robbery gained notoriety in the 1940s and 1950s, When there was a series of kidnappings of famous dogs. Then, the Disney film “101 Dalmatians” again them bring to light, but not until 1966 that practice was officially declared illegal in the United States.UU.

Via: BBC.co.UK

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