100 slaughtered dogs, each month, in the wings Peruvian University of Lima (Peru)

(Photo: Channel 5)

The Organization of advocates for animals Group charity, He denounced that hundreds of dogs are slaughtered on the premises of the Peruvian wings University, as part of a course of the Faculty of veterinary medicine.

Through a video recorded by one of the students of the University are scenes of torture carried out animals, alleged medical purposes.

"We are very indignant at this massacre", "by the savagery that is when the dog bleeds they take anesthetized blood and live yet", the representative of this group indicated, Fernando Moreno.

Also, He said that "in that power they sacrifice monthly" 100 dogs, purchased to 50 "Suns and they are collected by the students on the street".

At last, He noted that students are being threatened with disprove the course if they sacrifice not dogs. The Association has scheduled a seedling from the University Centre, next Friday 20.

Via: Peru.com

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