They leave and kill hunting dogs to save money – Catalonia (Spain)

Hunting dogs kept in a hideout in Tarragona. (F. Altarriba.)

Tied up in the middle of the forest or kept in warehouses, seriously injured by wild boar and suffering ill-treatment continuously. Thus living hundreds of dogs in hunting in Catalonia. According to denounce the protective, their owners stuck them a shot which lead them to the vet, so save some 400 EUR. Needless to say that this course of action is illegal.

It is not isolated cases, but of a behaviour that is repeated in all el territory and from ago years., According to the Foundation Altarriba.

This entity sued a Hunter of the Noguera had some 50 dogs tied to just one metre from the ground, an illegal practice.

Two years later, the shelter will be aware that the owner continues to do so and that “the allegations have not gone rural agents”.

In other cases, the hunting dogs spend days locked and tied up in warehouses, in the dark. A practice prohibited because it involves an abuse of animals.

  • Seven out of ten animals the Kennel have been used by hunters.
  • They denounce the continued violation of the law.
  • 14 podencos, 14 of the forgotten.

Just a few days ago, the protective reported the case of 20 hunting dogs locked up in bad conditions, in Tarragona. After presenting the demand, “they did disappear for animals”, It still missing, According to Yolanda Valbuena, Vice President of the Comissió interlocutor of protectors d'Animals of Catalonia (CIPAC), bringing together some 60 entities.
“Archery is free”

The dogs used for hunting often suffer injuries. Heal them involves an expenditure, between 300 and 400 EUR, and kill them legally, a few 150 EUR. To save this money, some hunters choose to fast-track: “archery is free”, regrets Valbuena.

In many cases, dogs do not carry the chip that allows to check who owns, so it is very difficult to demand accountability. The protective claim that hunters set to test animals; If not serve, they get rid of them. The CIPAC estimated that seven out of ten animals entering the dog kennels come from hunting.

  • Source: 20minutes
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