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The name of Abyssinia refers to Ethiopia, but most of the stories about the origins of the Abyssinian refer to Egypt. The research of their genes suggests that the Abyssinian cat breed originated off the coast of the Indian Ocean, where could settlers have bought the animal traders of wild animals. The breed was developed in Egypt.

The race could originate from an Egyptian cat named Zula, that was acquired by a British soldier brought to England in a port of Alexandria in 1868. This theory is not established because there is a strong link between Zula and the first cat on the list referred to as an Abyssinian in 1882.

Many sources date back to the race Abyssinian is a few thousand years old, coming from the old Egypt , as cats that appear in ancient paintings. The ancient Egyptians made sculptures of them. There are also stories that “abisinios” wild living in parts of North Africa today.

Developed in Egypt.

This breed of cat is far from calm, they need love and attention from their owners.

They are very agile, encaramando anywhere easily, whether curtains, trees, walls or to the people.

Great hunters, they worship the toys and can, for hours, entertain with any toy. They tend to be shy with strangers.

Its pelage is almost translucent, each hair has several dark stripes evenly distributed on a background more clear producing a spectacular drawing. The ears are sometimes Tufts, similar to the of the Caracal.

The eyes have a dark border, What gives them a unique attraction. They may be reddish, chestnut (red, cinnamon), Griffon blue or red.

They may suffer from hereditary retinal atrophy, a blindness more common in dogs.

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Breeds of cats: Abyssinian

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