Adana seeks new houses because those that exist are host of animals in Badajoz “saturated”

To give a home to dogs like 'Corcha', who is recovering in a clinic after appearing abandoned near Mérida with burns

The Association of Defense of the animals of Badajoz (Adana) looking for new houses animals in the capital businessman host, than those that currently have already “saturated” dogs or cats that are waiting for a final home.

It's foster homes that may be responsible for animals that appear abandoned and Adana rescues, as is the case of 'Corcha', a dog about nine months of age appeared the past 1 September in a restaurant about four kilometers from Mérida, where a wedding was held.

Was the Guardia Civil which located a member of Adana to inform you of the appearance of this bitch, that was moved to Badajoz and “Since Saturday is hospitalized, fighting for your life”, Since “presenta un cuadro de quemaduras por algún tóxico en abdomen, limbs and face” and “los próximos días serán claves” for their survival, explains Adana.

One of the oldest members of Adana is Eva Bengoechea, that belongs to the Association from 1999, quien explica que cuando llaman a algún miembro de la asociación, “the 90 per cent of the calls relate to cases of animals injured by outrage that also tend to be malnourished and sick”, says. They are animals that have long been in the street and end desfalleciendo”.

Add Eva to “many times we are late and we can do nothing” to save the life of the animal, However, when they arrive on time, “on rare occasions they have identification chip”, and “without the chip, You cannot locate the owner”, notes. “It is frustrating and sad”, asserts.


The Adana representative explains that if arrive on time to the animal rescue, appreciate the situation and if need veterinary assistance, y en ese sentido ha destacado la labor que realizar algunas clínicas veterinarias de la ciudad: “Tenemos mucha suerte porque muchas clínicas de Badajoz entienden nuestra situación y colaboran en todo lo que pueden. If the pet has any chance of living, We give but many times we can only end their suffering and the veterinarian as euthanasia”, regrets.

On the other hand, “If we are lucky and the animal survives, the problem of finding a suitable place begins to Adana”, explains Eva Bengoechea, that points out that currently, “few foster families are saturated”, Since “Once a dog or a cat, you know when you enter but not when going out and is very difficult to find families who want to adopt old animals, sick or injured”.

“Many times these animals go out of home at home until they find a permanent family”, says Eva, who says that “algunos de ellos como es el caso de una perrita llamada ‘Road’, four years waiting for your family”.

Con los animales que se encuentran en la misma situación que ‘Corcha’, Adana faces veterinary costs thanks to contributions of partners and private donations, However, is not enough.

Explains Eva Bengoechea is the Adana membership fee of 25 euros per year, and for example, a trauma with its follow-up operation round the 200 euros depending on each case, Therefore, “the annual dues are required of 10 partners to cover only that expenses”.

Faced with this situation, Eva regrets that they can only help one percent of stray animals. “We will always do what we can but it is necessary that those that theirs do their job, como la Policía, the fire department or the Civil Guard, have the necessary tools to do so in your hands”, notes.

“All can work together if there is a pattern for this”, ensures the representative of Adana, that indicates that “If Corcha survives, You will need a family that avails itself of it and keep it until it is definitively adopted”.

Todos los interesados en colaborar con la asociación u ofrecer un hogar a ‘Corcha’ or animals in your same situation, Please contact Adana via the web, or email or

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