horse dead in the road is Seville

Adana denounced the abandonment of several horses dying in Kings Hill – Badajoz (Spain)

The latter animal was pushed by an embankment over ten days ago and no institution has taken charge of the body

The horse is in the area known as source Knight, close to the Kings Hill. :: CASIMIRO

Caught in a quagmire, in the middle of a stream. In this cruel way abandoned 10 days ago to a horse in the outskirts of the cerro de Reyes, in the area of source Knights. Although still not known with certainty who has committed such an act, suspicions of focus in a well-known family of nomadic gypsies.

The mobile clan, of Portuguese nationality, It is dedicated to buying and selling of horses and often camping in that territory, a parallel to the road of Seville brickpit, to ensure that their animal feed. When considered to be one of their mules is sick or weak, They shirking from them without the least hesitation. «Sometimes tie them legs so that the poor animal could not follow them», explains Mary Manglano a businessman veterinary learned of the incident by the residents of the area. «They are always the same», says. «Come», stay here a few weeks and when they leave is a dying horses. This is not abandonment, «is abuse».

The worst case is no authority responsible: «National police said that cases of must occupy the protective»; the Local police ensures that it is not your responsibility; the nature protection service (Seprona) It points out that if the animal is found in an urban nucleus is not his own competence and can do nothing; and the Town Hall, more of the same. "Passed the ball of each other and nobody here does nothing".

It is not withdrawn

To verify that no one would take charge of the matter, the inhabitants of the neighbouring houses tried to rescue horses and out of the brook, but only managed to place it on the shore and give him a little food and water. Manglano offered voluntary sacrifice the animal, but when he went to the place already was dead "horse days was dying", is amazing. Not could they send a veterinarian to stop suffering??», This woman asked indignantly. Authorities also was in charge of removing the body of the horse. The company which deals with these issues, TRAGSA, Clerk of the Department of agriculture, He said the veterinary they come after him, but the horse still there. 'I know that they will not come'. Often they are not animals do not enter private properties, so the animal is going to stay at the brook, «contaminating the water».

Usual problems

It is not the first time that residents of the area have to rescue a dying animal. Veterinary science businessman says that the residents have already saved a number: "A Mare they tied hand and foot and left being pregnant". "Fortunately he managed to get ahead and has already given birth", Adds Manglano
This woman believes that this type of ' practices’ could be avoided if the police asked the documentation of the animals to travellers. «None of the horses has documentation in order», «they do not have the relevant passport or the microchip», manifest.

Veterinary science argues that it would be very easy to requisition the mules, but he believes that those responsible do not because «they are they attest they know they won't pay the fine because they don't have enough money». In addition, Manglano says that this systematic abuse carried out by the family of animals would not dare to do so at Portugal, where they are originating: «There are them fall hair». Here, on the other hand, «remain unpunished».
Precisely so that the fact does not remain unpunished, the Adana Association, organization that helps the veterinary, He has decided to lodge a complaint in the Seprona: «See if finally becomes something».


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