The Aegean cat


The the Aegean cat ( Aegean ) It is a natural breed of cat coming from the Greece Cyclades Islands. The development of this breed began in the Decade of 1990 by breeders of Cat Fancy of Greece. He is considered the only native Greek breed of cat.
As such, It is one of the newest cat breeds and, often erroneously considered by some, as something strange, Although the cat of the Aegean Sea itself is widely used by all Greece.

The fur of the Aegean is semi-largo, with a moderate necklace and a rich tail. The Aegean cat fur provides good protection during the harsh winter , staying in short summer. The fur is bicolor or tricolor, one of the colors is always white, no sign of yellow and occupies between 1/3 - 2/3 of the body. Other colors are: black, red, blue, cream, with or without stripes.

It is a breed of medium-sized, with a robust and muscular construction, no signs of obesity. The body is long, medium-sized feet and legs with rounded. The tail is moderately long and straight, without folds. The head is medium-sized. The ears have a wide base and rounded tip and are covered by hairs. The eyes have a way to East and its color can be any tone of green.

The Aegean cat is smart and very effective as predator. Because of this, in its most, they are used as controllers of plagues in rural areas. As pets they share a very good relationship with humans. They are very social and communicate well with others.


Breeds of cats: Aegean

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