It hangs to its neighbor in Granada dog because they bothered him his barking

A man from Ogijares (Granada), of 42 years and no police record, It has been brought to justice charged with strangled the dog of one of his neighbors because, apparently, you picked the bark.

As reported today by the Civil Guard in a statement, man could be considered an offence concerning the protection of the flora, Wildlife and pets.
The dog owner reported the dog missing the last day 7 October at the headquarters of the Guardia Civil in Armilla, where it stated that it was of a mixed animal for seven years and that presumably had escaped through a gate.
The police later found that one of the neighbors of the complainant had complained of a dog's bark, on the 0.30 on the last day 7, the guards of the urbanization that lives.

These guards, He had come to try to mediate the problem, they saw that the neighbour had managed to catch the dog with a rope and, When volunteered to take the animal to your House then return it to its owner, the neighbor shouted that they do not fall.

According to the Institute, at the same time the man pulling a rope, left suspended and kicking the dog until he died stifled.
Apparently then called his wife, they went to the animal died in a bag and this in the trunk of his car and immediately left the urbanization presumably to dispose of the body of the animal.

The alleged author of the death of the dog lacks the police and after testifying in yesterday afternoon to the Guardia Civil, It has been made available to the Court of Granada.


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