They hanging and then shoot three dogs in the vicinity of the Basque town of Txintxetru

Few days after the serious case of animal abuse of Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), the Association for an ethical treatment to animals (ATEA) It warns of another serious incident on similar dates in Alava. According to this Association in a press release, three dogs were allegedly hanged and later shot at the end of August in Trintxetru (Álava).

ATEA explains in its letter that it has been informed that the past 27 August towards the 19:00 hours, a person became aware of the presence of three dogs hanging from two trees in an area close to the railway, on the road that leads to Ezkerekotxa, Km. 19,4 (Highway A-3110), at the intersection with San Millán. The person who discovered the stage gave the Ertzaintza immediately advise, one whose patrol arose shortly after in the scene, opening performance, and noting that the larger animal, a female - pregnant - Hound, She had been shot with a bullet cartridge, While the other two dogs, smaller, they had been with posta ammunition. According to the inquiries carried out in situ by agents, the author or authors of such heinous crime hung first animals and then proceeded to shoot them. It was also found that the dog was microchip.

According to this organization, not shown them the Ertzaintza has sent a report to the Court "despite the seriousness of the facts", something about what atheist tried to gather information as "very worrying that not have occurred corresponding shipment of the crowded court". "From the police station in Vitoria-Gasteiz, It was reported that they are not authorized to provide the required data", Add. For this reason, the possibility of that body of the Ertzaintza has been rejected submission of the mandatory report which has, ATEA filed last Wednesday a complaint in the central courts of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Apparently, the next day of the facts, the animals were collected by the service that the Diputación Foral de Álava has the effect, and it is assumed that incinerated.

ATHEIST believes that the events could well qualify for article 337 of the criminal code, he prays: By any means or process abuse unjustly an animal home or amansado, causing death or injury which would seriously impair her health, shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year of imprisonment and special disqualification for one to three years for the exercise of profession, "trade or commerce that relate to the animals".

Last but not least, ATHEIST wants to call the citizenship so that it is not arms crossed at any fact which is victim of an innocent animal, "because only in this way we will achieve a society of truth worthy of carrying the pompous title of"progressive"".

Source: diariovasco

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