Mayor of San Joaquin (Chile) It could be removed by abandoned dogs killing case

Image: Press animal

Determined to reach the ultimate conclusion is Patricia Cocas, This, According to the same, It is to see during the investigation of the case the responsibilities of Sergio Echeverría, Mayor of San Joaquin, in the facts occurred the 17 October where township officials injected a lethal substance into dogs abandoned on public street.

The leader of the NGO, He noted PrensAnimalista that on Monday they stand securely 24 October in the twelfth Court of guarantee of Santiago, one action criminal against those who are responsible for the brutal and massive elimination of dogs abandoned in the commune. He stated that the cause we are adding more background, which agravarían significantly the facts.

"Here there are two serious crimes". The first is abuse and animal cruelty; and the second is the improper manipulation of drugs by non trained personnel. Add to this the lack of administrative probity by Sergio Echeverría. In case of correct fraud, "the consequence would be the removal of the aedile's duties".

On the same line, the leader stated that this case has been one of the most striking has been during his career of defender of animal rights, and that the images that caused public shock are not isolated events as noted Echeverría, This situation has a history of more of 18 According to township officials.

COCAS added that "were the same workers of the municipality who confirmed us that systematically eliminate dogs abandoned this so bloody way". For more than 18 years the municipality is acting this way ilítamente and from 2004 to Luis Donoso (Chief environmental health, public administrator profession), He ordered to kill dogs along the thoroughfare, are healthy or not, "with or without an owner".

About the lack of administrative probity of the Mayor in question, Alejandra Cassino, Executive Director of the Coalition for the ethical Control of urban wildlife, CEFU, He drew press animal that are developing a presentation to Comptroller to make this decision on the illegality of the Act. "This complements actions - I do understand"- already performed before the public prosecutor other groupings as Proanimal and, of course, "We hope that they will serve to support the investigation initiated by the municipality", said.

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