German long-haired

Alemán de pelo largo

German long-haired has waited long time for the international recognition despite the existence of the breed standard and the scale of points from 1929. The only thing that was missing until a few years ago was a registered breed that correspond to this standard. After the 2 ND world war, He stopped the breeding of cats in Germany, the only German native breed of long-haired cat considered extinct.

German long-haired standard occurred in the World Cat Federation in 2008 based on the rules of 1929 and 1954. It is the only developed in the German land long-haired cat.

Does not have the wide snout of the Maine Coon or the line of the straight nose of the Norwegian Forest Cat .

It meets the modern standard for medium-sized with a long rectangular figure cat, robust and flexible. It differs with the European short hair / Celtic Shorthair to have a deep chest and a round and furry tail length mean that it tapers at the end. The legs are strong, the longest rounded head than wide with medio-larga and sloping nose with light stop (stop pronounced a failure).

Strong Chin and generous cheeks, revealing the Nordic race of European Wildcat (F. silvestris silvestris). The ears are small to medium size, straight and wide at the base with a rounded tip. The eyes are round or oval, large and slightly diagonal, the color is related to the pattern of skin color. The coat is medium long to the shoulders and the shortest on the head. It is longer in the flanks, back and belly, is particularly long in the collar, the hind legs (breeches).

However, the skin is easy to maintain, bright and not wool as the Persian. All colors are accepted, except for chocolate, the cinnamon, Lilac and beige .

His personality, human-oriented.

Breeds of cats: German long-haired

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