Amarraron a dog to the train tracks to amputate their legs – San Antonio (Chile)

Wild tortured dog in San Antonio: There are 3 cases in the sector.

Born bad they seriously injuring the tender dog, It asks only love: You coratron legs and tail.

A horrible case of animal cruelty was exposed in Llolleo, in the Region of Valparaiso, where a neighbor found a mutilated dog and bleeding near the train lines.

It is a sweet and harmless white and hairy cachupina, with a few eyes full of goodness that only called for love. But that anything served him when he crossed in the way of some thugs who amarraron it tracks so the train it desmembrara.

Pure miracle, the straw, still has no name, he survived the mutilation of their two glides, his right hand and its tail.

After the savage and cowardly attack occurred last Saturday, the animal was abandoned to their fate in the middle of a peladero of Llolleo. Destiny wanted that dog lover Fernando Orellana happen out there.

"Missing two legs", It bled a lot and was full of mud, "I was frozen when I saw", was the man, that, without hesitation, he rescued the cachupina with some friends.

"I took the dog to the animal rescue of San Antonio Center and there gave him emergency aid", but now need to collaborate us a veterinarian that you operate the right leg, "because you can be saved", begged gold ladle.

The director of the Museum and center of San Antonio's Animal Rescue, Jose Luis Brito, he lodged a complaint with the police investigations for punishment and justice for mutilated dog and other canitos who would have suffered the same fate.

"Already three cases of dogs that are tied and thrown into the train lines in the sector of the fundo de Llolleo where they found this bitch going in San Antonio", that's why we did the complaint, "so that this stops", explained Brito.

By now, the cachupina receives the love and care of his Savior, that unfortunately not you stay with her because he has other three collected dogs.

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