Amazona (Complete list of the genus Amazona)

Yellow-naped Parrot
Yellow-naped Parrot

Amazona gender characteristics

Medium to large, stocky appearance, predominantly green, with accent colors that depend on the species and can be quite alive, tail short, slightly rounded, wings broad and rounded; the dark edge of their feathers produces the aspect barred in most species; Little or nothing sexual dimorphism; the youth duller colors than those of adults.

Feeding Amazona

With feed mainly seed, nuts and fruit, supplemented by leafy matter.

Amazona habitats

The majority of the habitats of the Amazona They are arboreal. They are seen in pairs and in small and large flocks; They form large communal meetings at night cabins; noisy and very visible; they have a flight distinctive fast with rapid and shallow wing beats below the level of the body; It is the most widespread and familiar of the Neotropical parrots.

The Amazona in captivity

Many Amazon parrots they have a remarkable ability to imitate human speech and other sounds. In part because of this, They are popular as pets or pets, and a small industry has developed in the breeding of parrots in captivity for this market. This popularity has led many parrots of this kind to be caught in their natural environment, thereby causing the decline of their populations, and even the danger of extinction for some species. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has done illegal capture of parrots wild for the pet trade in an attempt to help protect wild populations.

Species of the genus Amazona

The 33 species Amazona of the family parrots (Psittacidae), whose range covers most of South America until Central America and islands of Caribbean.

The vast majority of these beautiful birds are not suitable for living in captivity. History and characteristics of the species.

1 Orange-winged Parrot

Amazona amazonica location

Orange-winged Parrot

Of 33 - 36 cm.. height can weigh between 350 gr y 450 gr.
The Orange-winged Parrot (Amazona

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2 Blue cheeked Parrot

Amazona dufresniana


Physical characteristics

34 - 37 cm.. height and between 480 and 600g. weight.

The Blue cheeked Parrot (Amazona dufresniana) It is easily identifiable by

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3 Red-spectacled Parrot

Red-spectacled Parrot

Unknown until years 80, when a few came to Europe

32 cm.. length and 295 g. of weight.

The Red-spectacled Parrot

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4 Red-tailed Parrot

Red-tailed Parrot

37 cm.. length and 430 g. of weight.

The Red-tailed Parrot (Amazona brasiliensis) has forecrown, front of crown and lores, color

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5 Red-browed Parrot

Red-browed Parrot

35-40 cm.. length and 450-650 g. of weight.

The Red-browed Parrot (Amazona rhodocorytha) has the forecrown and front of the crown, of

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6 Cuban Parrot

Cuban Parrot

28-33 cm.. length and 260-301 g. of weight.

The Cuban Parrot (Amazona leucocephala) has a plumage rather variable, a main color

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7 Yellow-shouldered Parrot

Yellow-shouldered Parrot

33 - 36 cm.. height and an average weight of 270 g.

The Yellow-shouldered Parrot (Amazona barbadensis) It has a tail

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8 Kawall's Parrot

Kawall's Parrot

35-36 cm.. length.

The Kawall's Parrot (Amazona kawalli) after not having been recorded in the wild for a few 70 years,

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9 Hispaniolan Parrot

Hispaniolan Parrot

28-31 cm.. length and 250 g. of weight.

The Hispaniolan Parrot (Amazona ventralis) has the forecrown and Lords

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10 St. Vincent Parrot

St. Vincent Parrot

40 cm.. length and 580 – 700 weight g.

The plumage of the St. Vincent Parrot (Amazona guildingii) is very

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11 St. Lucia Parrot

St. Lucia Parrot

43 cm.. length and 700-800 g. of weight.

The St. Lucia Parrot (Amazona versicolor) has the lores, cheeks and forecrown, of

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12 Tres Marias Parrot

Tres Marias Parrot

38-40 cm.. length and 580-650 g. of weight.

The Tres Marias Parrot (Amazona tresmariae) has head and throat yellow.


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13 Diademed Parrot

Diademed Parrot

31–35 cm. length and 450-550 g. of weight.

The Diademed Parrot (Amazona Diadema) It is generally color

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14 Festive Parrot

Amazona festiva

38-41 cm.. tall and 370g. weight.

The Festive Parrot (Amazona festiva) has the cheeks and sides neck green with

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15 White-fronted Parrot

White-fronted Parrot

22 - 26 cm.. length.

The White-fronted Parrot (Amazona albifrons) has the forecrown white; lores, upper cheeks and feather ring around

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16 Blue fronted Parrot

Amazona aestiva

33-39 cm.. height and weight around the 450 and 550 g..

The Blue fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva) is distinguished by the head

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17 Red-lored Amazon

Amazona autumnalis

35,5 - 38,1 cm.. height and between 314 and 485g. weight.

The Red-lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) is distinguished by its front

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18 Red-necked Parrot


Red-necked Parrot (Amazona arausiaca) | By mikko.pyhala

40 cm.. length and 650 g. of weight.

The Red-necked Parrot (Amazona arausiaca) has the

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19 Lilac-crowned Parrot

Lilac-crowned Parrot

33 cm. head to tail and weighs on average 310 g..

The Lilac-crowned Parrot (Amazona finschi) has the forecrown and

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20 Northern Mealy Parrot

Northern Mealy Parrot

38 cm.. length and 705-766 g. of weight.

The Northern Mealy Parrot (Amazona guatemalae) is a large parrot, mainly green, with

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21 Southern Mealy Parrot

Southern Mealy Parrot

38 - 45 cm.. from head to tail and 535 - 766 weight g.

The Southern Mealy Parrot (Amazona

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22 Imperial Parrot

Imperial Parrot

The largest gender Amazona, measuring up 45 cm.. length.

The Imperial Parrot (Amazona imperialis) has the lores and

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23 Yellow-billed Parrot

Yellow-billed Parrot

28 cm.. length and 260 g. of weight.

The Yellow-billed Parrot (Amazona collaria) It has a distinctive narrow band in

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24 Black-billed Parrot

Black-billed Parrot

25 cm.. length and 178 g. of weight.

The Black-billed Parrot (Amazona agilis) It is the smallest of the

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25 Scaly-naped Amazon

Amazona mercenarius

33 - 38 cm.. tall and 300 g. of weight.

The Scaly-naped Amazon (Amazona mercenarius) is the only rider in

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26 Yellow-naped Parrot

Yellow-naped Parrot

35,5-38 cm.. length and 480 g. of weight.

The Yellow-naped Parrot (Amazona auropalliata) It has a large size; their forecrown and

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27 Puerto Rican Parrot

Amazona vittata

29 cm.. length and 320 g. of weight.

The Puerto Rican Parrot (Amazona vittata) has the forecrown and lores, of

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28 Yellow-crowned Parrot

Yellow-crowned Parrot

35 - 41 cm.. height and between 380 and 500 g. of weight.

The Yellow-crowned Parrot (Amazona ochrocephala) has the forecrown

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29 Red-crowned Parrot

Red-crowned Parrot

30.5-33 cm.. length and 294 g. of weight.

The Red-crowned Parrot (Amazona viridigenalis) has the lores, forecrown and crown, color

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30 Tucuman Parrot

Tucuman Parrot

31 cm.. length.

The Tucuman Parrot (Amazona tucumana) It is mostly green, with black borders

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31 Vinaceous Parrot

Vinaceous Parrot

30 cm.. length and an approximate weight of 370 g..

The Vinaceous Parrot (Amazona vinacea) has the lores and forecrown color

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32 Yellow-lored Parrot

Yellow-lored Parrot

25-28 cm.. length and 200-232 g. of weight.

The Yellow-lored Parrot (Amazona xantholora) has the lores and a close band

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33 Yellow-headed Parrot

Yellow-headed Parrot

35-38 cm. in length weighing up 500 g..

The Yellow-headed Parrot (Amazona oratrix) has head and nape color

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