American Bobtail

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail their ancestry back to the yodie, a street cat wild aspect picked up in Arizona by John and Brenda Sanders, Iowa. Early breeding efforts were geared towards creating a Snowshoe short-tailed, but trying to fix this complex pattern was reached high levels of endogamous and sickly cats. From 1980 the objective was to produce a striped cat wild aspect based on the appearance of the yodie, and the bobtail eventually won acceptance in major North American records, Although it is still rare. The version of long hair was the first recognized as a breed.

bobtail americano

As the Manx, the bobtails may have different length queue, or may not have; However, tailless cats are rare, and the mutation appears to separate. The bobtail, it matures slowly, It has a muscular build and a hard coat that may seem a little greñudo. Despite the wild aspect being sought in the breed standard, they are tolerant and kind companions.

The puppies are very playful. They are very people-oriented, they do not demand too much human attention Meow or jumping on laps available.

This breed is not recognized in Europe.

Photo: wilkipedia
Visual Guide to cats of the Dr. Bruce Fogle

Breeds of cats: American Bobtail

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