American Curl

American Curl
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The American Curl It is a breed of cat is characterized by its unusual ears that curve behind the face towards the back of the skull. The ears of an American Curl must be treated carefully because rough handling can damage the cartilage of the ear. The race originated in Lakewood, California , as a result of a spontaneous mutation. In June of 1981, two Street cats were welcomed by a family Ruga. The kittens were long-haired, one black and the other black and white. The family called them Shulamith and Panda, respectively, but Panda disappeared several weeks later, Shulamith was female based on race American Curl.

The American Curl is a cat of size medium (3-5 Kg.), reaches maturity to the 2-3 years of age. They are strong and healthy, free of genetic defects that affect many cats of race.
Cats are born with straight ears and will begin to turn the ten days. After four months, your ears will not close more. A pet quality American Curl may have ears almost in a straight line, but show cats must have ears curved in an arc between 90 and 180 degrees. One greater angle is preferable, but cats will be disqualified if their ears touch the back of their skulls.
American Curls, both long hair and short hair soft and silky layers of hair they have. They require little preparation, and love to spend time with their owners.

The Curl is an easy-to-teach race, you won't have any problem when bring you any object, and you will never lose his love for the game. They are also known for his affinity with children.

This race has for some decades, the most popular pet in North America and California is where there are more active breeding programmes.

Breeds of cats: American Curl

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