American Foxhound

American Foxhound
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American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is sweet, friendly, loyal and loving in a House.



Fox hound, American, better known as American Foxhound It is a breed of dog that is very close to the English Foxhound, are hounds, dogs that are guided by the smell to hunt foxes.

In 1650, Robert Brooke, a pack of hunting dogs brought to the administration of the British colony which was North America, It became the root of many of the lines of American hunting dogs. These dogs remained in the Brooke family about 300 years.

George Washington received fox hunting dogs, French, as the Great hound blue of Gascony as a gift from the Marquis de Lafayette.

Many of the dogs that Washington already had were descendants of the Brooke family, so when he crossed them with the French, He began to develop the breed until you reach the present American Foxhound.

Physical characteristics

While the standard rules demand that the American Foxhound measure of 53 to 64 cm in height to the cross, and despite between 29 to 34 kg, Many specimens are, structurally, larger, females always, slightly smaller than males.

Some breeders have theorized that the variation in height with respect to the standard, It is due to the considerably improved diet the dogs receive currently. Let us not forget that the race was recognized for the first time by the American Kennel Club in 1886 (and there was fashioned the over…), and at that time was a common and traditional practice feeding a diet called the Foxhound “dog bread (bread of dog)”, It was a variant of bread made of corn flour.

Along with physical characteristics, the Foxhound has long legs, lines of bony. His chest is quite narrow. It has a long snout and large skull, shaped dome. It is an orejotas… Yes, It has ears falls as well as their cousins and Hazel color eyes (or brown) they are big and bright.

The coat is short and rough. In general, they are very similar to the Beagle, only that foot can be seen that they are taller and larger. Usually have four colors: red, black, and fire, or bluish, They also have white parts.

They tend to throw a good amount of hair in the time of molt, but a weekly brushing will prevent that the sofa is decorated…

Character and skills

The American Foxhound is sweet, friendly, loyal and loving in a House. As with all dogs need a careful training, constant socialization, and one owners who are willing to do enough exercise with your pet!

A bored Foxhound will find itself, the ways to have fun, and and can be very destructive, Some examples of destruction include, from scratches on doors, destruction of objects found in your path, as toilet paper, for example, as it is very mischievous and, to be quite long, they are able to pick up things of furniture…

If you can not establish a routine walks, well at least it would be good that the animal had access to a secure yard, in which to spend its energy, is a good alternative. But, We insist that, the walks, the games should be his daily dish live.

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