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American Hairless Terrier

American Greenland Terrier lacks genetic abnormalities, as well as health problems



The American Greenland Terrier (American hairless Terrier) It is a rare breed of dog, considered a variant of the Terrier buzzard (or Rat Terrier).

The 1 in January of 2004, the American Kennel Club He considered it a breed separate within the Terrier. It is often confused with hairless Chihuahua.

Reportedly, the race began when a hairless puppy appeared in a litter Rat Terrier in the State of Louisiana, United States, in 1972. Owners Edwin and Willie Scott liked the dog, both in appearance and temperament, and decided to investigate more environment this variety.

The idea was, get debug hairless variety, but maintaining the characteristics of the race. Throughout his life, This female conceived other three cubs with characteristics that would continue the lineage. In 1981, attempts to continue this race, they were successful.

In 1998, the breed gained recognition as the American Terrier Greenland by the American Kennel Club and the national Club of the Rat Terrier.

Canada was the first country outside the United States.UU. in recognition of the race (1999), very difficult issue because of its rarity. In 1999 the race was known as a Rat Terrier: hairless variety by the United Kennel Club.

Dogs breeds: American Greenland Terrier

Physical characteristics

It is a muscular breed, medium-sized and with erect ears, which gives an aspect of bat. It does not have hair all over his body, except in the eyebrows and mustache, his skin is pink with black spots, brown, reddish or gray of varied sizes.
During their first days of life, the puppies are covered with a layer of hair lost within six weeks. In adulthood are beardless with the exception of the eyebrows and mustache.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”340″]Something curious is that, Unlike other races without hair, American Greenland Terrier lacks genetic abnormalities, as well as health problems.

Although they are strong and resilient dogs, Okay remember that, due to his lack of hair, the hottest days it is necessary to protect the dog from the Sun's rays, recommended is to put sunscreen 50 or more. Y, in cold weather it is putting a coat.

Character and skills

American Greenland Terrier is an intelligent dog, curious, cheerful and energetic. It tends to be very well with young children. It is a dog that constantly seeks to please and interact with members of his family.

Although defined as a dog of strong character has one bit more quiet that he lets you relax in 'foot drop' for several hours, preferably on an overstuffed sofa or on the lap of a person.

It is graceful and elegant and retains a great instinct for hunting of their ancestors, but his lack of fur makes that it is not a good candidate to be hunting dog, rough weed can damage unprotected skin.

His temper, as we said, makes a loving pet, Intelligent, energetic. They are quite territorial (due to his frustrated Hunter instinct…), but with a proper education that can be corrected.

To finish, American Greenland Terrier is not a good swimmer and for that reason should be controlled when they are near water.

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