American Mastiff Panja
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American Mastiff Panja

American Mastiff Panja, raised initially to protect homes and properties.



American Mastiff Panja (Mastín Americano Panja) It is a breed of dog developed in United States, raised initially to protect the homes and properties of the people.

"The term"Panja”, by which it is usually known this race, comes from Panja Kennels, a hatchery situated in the city of Flint (Florida) He was one of the first to start a selective breeding with the goal of becoming defined race.

Unfortunately, many American Mastiff Panja they were used by drug traffickers and people linked to crime with the end to serve as watchdogs of their properties and that environment and the training techniques used (very hard) they have led to this race to develop an instinct of guard very exacerbated.

Its origin is due to a cross between several races between them found dogs as the Pit Bull and Rottweiler.

Since that have been recognized by the DRA (Dog Registry of America), people in general have started to look at these dogs with other eyes, and fortunately not already belong, exclusively, the world of the narcotráfico… have been able to move away from its (forced) dark past. It currently used as company mascots.

Panja bandog, Rock bandog, drug dealer bandog, Detroit rock dog, American mastiff panja, Panja, rockweiler, pitweiler : all these names refer to the same type of bandog, product of miscegenation between American Pitbull Terrier and Rottweiler, that it arose in the city of Detroit ago 30 years.

American Mastiff Panja (Mastín Americano Panja)

Recognized by: BBC, DRA
Group: Work

Physical characteristics

American Mastiff Panja is a working dog with an athletic and muscular body. Broad chest and extremities well muscular, straight lines, for strong bones, with the slightly angled hocks. They have small eyes, almendrados expression alert and curious. They have a broad head and short ears.

Like his compatriot the Mastín Americano, American Mastiff Panja differs from other Mastiff dogs in that its belfos not protrude, and they not drool-worthy.

The layer of hair is short, flat and shiny, It can be of different colors. The tail is usually cut to 1/3 its natural length. The height to the cross goes of 55,88 cm to 66,04 cm.. Y, the weight of 36 kg to 45 kg. The life expectancy of these dogs is of 10 - 12 years.

Character and skills

American Mastiff Panja is a relaxed attitude and quiet temperament dog. Are excellent pets and protectors of their nuclear family. In United States most of the American Mastiff Panja are fantastic with young children. The natural instinct of the race is to protect, they believe that it is his duty to protect everything and everyone in your home.

They are dogs intelligent and obedient, obedience training is recommended to prevent the onset of boredom and collation destructive behaviors, as chewing. It is a guard dog by nature, so it will always be ready to alert their owners of any suspicious activity. They are wayward, they have a dominant personality, but they are also very kind and loyal companions.

American Mastiff Panja is in general, a very healthy dog, He had no problem important health highlight, but like other many breeds of dogs, It is possible that some copies are in one higher risk of developing Hip Dysplasia.

American Mastiff Panja can live quietly in a small house or apartment if he is exercising properly. They are calm and very homemade dogs with propensity to be lazy, so it is important that owners them motivate and get long walks. It adapts well to all climates and can tolerate varying weather conditions. It will be happier with a small courtyard where can lie in the Sun and do not forget that the daily walks are ideal for this athletic breed.

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