American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The American short hair cat or American shorthair It is a robust breed which owes much to the cats work that early settlers brought to the United States but its pedigree dates back to a red striped male, called Belle, He was sent from England at the beginning of the 19th century, and it was the first to register on United States under the title “Pointer”. Later met them as “Domestic short hair”, but since 1966 the official name has been American short hair. This breed has a least square-shaped than the British for short hair.

The American Shorthair can be quite large. They have full cheeks giving his face a broad appearance and a muscular body that exudes strength.


  • Body: Solidly built, with long half legs, round claws and not very long tail that stretches towards which abrupt end end.
  • Head: Large and full cheeked, slightly longer than wide, with slightly rounded ears, a continuous curve from the forehead to Crown and long means nose.
  • Eyes: Large and wide open, the upper eyelid with a Pacific curvature, the completely round bottom, in a slightly oblique placement. Brilliant gold color except blue or odd eyes white; Green or Hazel in the atigrados silver; Green or blue-green in the various silver.
  • Fur: Short, thick, uniform and hard to the touch.
  • Colors: Natural white, blue, Red and cream; shaded silver and Chinchilla; Shell cameo and shading; black smoke, blue, Cameo and shell of tortoise.; coffee, reddish, blue, cream, Silver and cameo, striped patched, coffee, Blue and silver; Blue cream, Calico, dilute Calico; bicolor black, blue, Red and cream.

Source: Wilkipedia

Breeds of cats: American Shorthair

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