American Wirehair

American Wirehair
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The American Wirehair It was the result of a natural mutation. This genetic accident was discovered in a litter of kittens born to common cats in New York in 1966. Two (one male and one female) of these five kittens, he survived an attack by predators, and since they were bred to produce more cats “Wirehair”. To maintain the genetic effect, the American Shorthair they were raised in line with the Wirehair. This cross has influenced the shape of the head and body, While continues to maintain the desired wire layer.

Race was officially accepted for registration by the cat breeders association in the year 1967.

This breed tends to be small to medium-size, muscular body, and long tail. The head is round with prominent cheekbones and a snout and well-developed Chin. The ears are sized with slightly rounded tips, and the eyes are large and defined. The coat is generally short, dense and thick, with wavy hair. In some individuals, the moustache hairs are also curly.

This breed is available in up 27 variations of color and patterns.

The Wirehairs are attached to people cats, with great affection and attention need human are active, without being hyperactive and affectionate without being sticky.

Photo: Wilkipedia

Breeds of cats: American Wirehair

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