Anadel moved to the Seprona conditions “totally deficit” a canine residency in Talavera la Real – Badajoz

The National Association of animal rights and freedom (Anadel) transferred to the service of protection of nature (Seprona) Civil Guard the healthy hygienic conditionstotally deficit” one “alleged residence canina” located in Talavera la Real (Badajoz).

This group explained in a press release that August received a request for help from a citizen to find your dog. Apparently the animal “He had disappeared after having been left a few days in this supposed canine residence facilities for a few days”, indicates the Association.

Given this fact, members of the Association, as stated by, moved to this residence located in Talavera la Real in order to gather information about the date, the place and the exact circumstances in which the animal had disappeared.

“We did not find anything but allegedly abandoned facilities, no worker and several dogs tied up without food or water and under conditions hygienic healthy fully loss-making”, He has asserted Anadel.

After the first impression, to the “just a few minutes” observed, as described above, a hole in one of the fences that delineated the alleged residence and then “He appeared by dragging a dog breed winemaker” It featured, He said, a “despicable state” to the extent, It has underlined, that not even he could stand upright.

These facts, Anadel members moved to the animal to a veterinary Center, where was diagnosed, as reported by, a “State Fort of cachexia (extreme thinness), symptoms of malnutrition, dehydration, pale mucous membranes, anemia, as well as a massive infestation by parasites”.

The animal had to be entered in the veterinary Center, Anadel stated, But despite the efforts made by the veterinarian to try to save his life could not be possible and finally died after a few days.

Like this, the Association explained that you due to the “total non-compliance” of the law 5/2002 of 23 Protection may animals of the autonomous community of Extremadura has requested the Seprona these facts be investigated and if them prove the initiation of disciplinary record consider the entity as complainant.

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