Turkish Angora

Angora Turco
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The angora cats they were first introduced in Europe pelilargos cats, in the 16th century. Was imported from the city of Ankara in Turkey (now Ankara), the same who produced the angora goat, known for its extremely soft wool, called mohair. The cat quickly conquered fans.
However, When the Persian breed began to gain ground, authentic angora became virtually extinct as a race. After World War II he returned to arouse interest, and farmers in United States resurrected the race under the name of Turkish angora, using existing cats and some direct import of the Ankara zoo. Currently on United States, different varieties are recognized in the Turkish angora.

The Turkish angora is a small to medium-sized cat, long and slender body, athletic and muscular. The females usually weigh around three kilos and adult males slightly more, up to four kilos and medium. It is included in category II of FIFe, namely, from semi-largo hair.
Although the best-known are the whites of eyes blue or disparate, today recognize all colors, except for the Eastern. There are more than twenty varieties: bicoloured, all the colors of smoke tabby, atigrados and classic tabby, silver tabby, solid colors (pure white, black, blue, red, Carey…), etc. The eyes are large, oval and slightly oblique, and they can be of any hue: between amber and Golden, green, Blue or disparate (in the copies of white).

The head is small, in a soft wedge and the neck is long, Slim and elegant. The ears are large, stiff, with tufts of hair and slightly pointed. The legs are long, with longer forelegs than hind. The fur, not just inner layer, is semilargo on the body, shorter on the spine and nose, long neck and under the gut. The tail seems a pen, with fairly thick hair, It is often low on the body, Although when the animal moves faster it puts it forward, in parallel with the loin, and almost touches the head.
As a whole, the Turkish angora gives impression of balance, proportion and lightness. The combination of a slender body, long, with high back legs and tail ahusada in direction to the head and ears, It produces an effect of floating movement and gauzy elegance.
Although they possess a long coat, to be thin, generally does not tangle as in the case of the Persians, with a brushed daily is sufficient.


The Turkish angora is a breed of intelligent cats, curious, Agile, quite active and maulladores. He likes to live with a single person, He shares his respect for the peace and quiet. They are very devoted to its owner, which tend to follow the House overseeing all its movements.
They like being the center of attention, they are faithful and very mimosos. They do not like they get them too long in arms, Although Yes all the time as a human companion. They enjoy climbing the most inaccessible places and watching everything from the highest place of the House.
The angora is polite, affectionate and intelligent. Playful at times, It is a very appropriate cat for life in the interior of a House, provided that their territory is not too limited.
You can learn up to 10 orders and act as they dictate. One of the games that can learn is the search for and bring a toy that has yielded to them.

Source: Wilkipedia

Breeds of cats: Turkish Angora

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