The name of this breed can create confusion. Quite differs from the East of long hair and the Turkish angora, and it does not descend the so-called cat Angoras in the 19th century. In fact, this breed emerged by accident.

In the Decade of 1960, the English breeder Maureen Silson coupled a Chestnut Abyssinian and a Siamese seal dotted to create a Siamese with marked points. Their descendants inherited the cinnamon feature (chestnut called the Abyssinian), creating long-haired Oriental cinnamon, and the gene for long hair, recessive in the Abyssinian, What created this race, known as angora until the 2003. The Eastern long-haired (Angora) is only recognized in Great Britain, Although in North America was called Eastern long-haired until there was another race with the same name. For further confusion, in Europe, this race has been called Javanese, a name used for some various hair long in North America, and at one point was also known as Mandarin.

The British East of long hair is slender, but not extremely. Their legs are muscular, and their wedge-shaped head is not too long. Its fine, silky fur has no Undercoat and falls straight to the body. As a long-haired cat, the angora is relatively easy (c) care. His eyes, Green in all varieties, less blank, are somewhat rasg; two, and the personality of the breed reveals s kinship with the Siamese. Are cats jugui tones, curious and sociable, like viv with many cats and they are somewhat noisy.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle
Photo: Wikipedia

Breeds of cats: Angora


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