Advocacy denounced the death with a Lance of a dog in Bedia – (Bilbao- Spain)

Photograph of the Mastiff dog Txispas, It has killed alanceado by an unknown in Bedia. (DEIA)

They say that the dog is man's best friend. Unfortunately, often the feeling is not I reciprocal and these animals just suffer from a lack of sensitivity of some people. The protective Association of animals ASAAM yesterday denounced before the Bilbao Basque police the “cruel murder” a dog in a field which the protector is using Bedia. Txispas, a mestizo of Mastiff and labrador, had 6 years. Those who knew him described him as a noble animal, quiet and friendly, something that the killer failed to appreciate. Txispas was alanceado. More than one meter long sharp object passed through his body “from part to part”. The veterinary surgeon who performed the autopsy assures that “It has suffered from an appalling agony”. “Several have had and the spear has broken several ribs. Have destroyed you”, explained Mariano male, Head of ASAAM in Bizkaia. Mortally wounded, Txispas dragged to the ground from the shelter where he eventually died in blood. After he left a trail, a trail of blood, According to the protective, “reaching to the adjoining property”. “They have ensañado with a helpless dog at 1 meter distance. Txispas was not aggressive, If it had slipped into another field could be prone position without problems”, added male.

Complaint the protective preferred to leave the resolution of the crime in the hands of Justice, therefore reported the case to the Ertzaintza whose agents inspected the area in search of evidence. For its part, the protection of animals atheist condemned “with energy this vandalism act against innocent and peaceful, which case should be spokespeople for form gradual Euskadi abandon its third world status in the field of animal protection”.

Source: gevha

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