Old Danish Pointing Dog
Dinamarca FCI 281

Antiguo perro de muestra danés

Given the hunting instinct of the Old Danish Pointing Dog, is necessary to socialize so small



The Old Danish Pointing Dog, is a medium sized breed of dog with brown markings, from Denmark.

Its Danish name is Gammel Dansk Hønsehund, It literally means bird hunting dog. It is in the Group 7, section 1.1 of the FCI.

Trace the origin of the race can be followed until the year 1710, When a man named Morten Bak, Glenstrup neighbor (adjacent to Randers and Hobro Denmark city), He crossed for eight generations strays dogs from local farmers, "until you get a pure breed of white and black spotted dogs which he called"Bakhounds”. The result was a popular hunting dog.

Race scholars agree that it is likely that these strays to the Lord Morten Bak, used in your breeding program, they were of Spanish origin, and is therefore considered as one of the direct ancestors of the race Old Danish Pointing Dog.

The popularity of this breed faded unfortunately during the 19th century, the race disappeared almost altogether, only a dedicated breeder continued breeding with genetic information integrates. After the second world war only had 10 dogs and farming work began to prevent the extinction of the race.

The race again won great popularity, above all thanks to Poul Thomsen (presenter of a recognized programs on animals in the Danish television).

Currently there is a considerable decline in Danish sample dogs, crossing often with the French Braco, quite similar.

Physical characteristics

Its Constitution is strong, one of the most obvious features is the great difference between male and female. While the male is powerful and from, the female is lighter, spirit and capricious.
Height: Male 54-60 cm. (21-23.5 in), is preferred over 56 cm. . Females 50-56 cm. (19.5-22 in), is preferred over 52 cm. .

Weight: Male: 30-35 kg . Female: 26-31 kg .

Character and skills

It gives the impression of being a silent dog and stable but showing determination and courage. It is a brave and determined dog. During the hunting act with calm, patience and slowness, always maintaining contact with the Hunter and doing its job of dog shows, discreetly, without disturbing the prey.

The old Danish sample dog usually adapt perfectly, both hunt small prey and large. His amiable character allows you to hunt in Pack and solo with his master.

Home pet is a very familiar and quiet dog, provided you get sufficient exercise and have large enough space to run freely.

Given their hunting instinct, We need to socialize so small that it gets used to share a roof with small animals (cats, rabbits, etc.).

Images Old Danish Pointer

Alternative names:

Gammel Dansk Hønsehund / Old Danish Pointing Dog / Ancien chien d’arręt danois / Altdänischer Vorstehhund

Group 7 / Section 1.1 -Continental show dogs, type Braco

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