The Antipodes formerly known as New Zealand for short hair and / or the long hair of Australia.

These cats are descendants of cats that early European settlers brought with them New Zealand to keep rodents away from food.

Antipodes cats are hard and have acclimatized to mountain regions, the desert and the forests of the Islands.

It is a breed recognized in Australia and New Zealand.

Down under can be long hair or short hair and striped color, solid or percal. Cats with points of color (namely, Siamese twins) cannot be considered true Antipodes.

The Antipodes cat has a body half, solidly built, is a muscular cat. It has a broad and rounded chest, the well developed shoulders, and a level backward, equally broad of shoulder to the hip.

The head is a slightly truncated triangular wedge. The Antipodes has full cheeks, large JAWS, a gently rounded front, and a straight or slightly curved nose down. The ears are slightly rounded at the tips. The eyes are big and bright, between rounds and almond-shaped. The color of the eyes of the antithesis can be green, Turquoise Blue, yellow, Gold, copper, including blue. It has medium length legs, proportional to the body and legs are firm and forward. The tail is heaviest at the base and tapers gently at the tip.

Short hair is a cat of the family of the Antipodes , and it can be a friendly companion and a playmate for children. The Antipodes of short hair is known for his longevity, good health, and by its ability to easy treatment, they are cordial, happy and loyal. They are recognized for their ability to deal with all climates and conditions.

Breeds of cats: Antipodes

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