Cats Aphrodite they are one of the two natural breeds of Cyprus. The Aphrodite are generally larger that the St Helen. Helen’s. They have triangular head, long body and high legs. Profile has a slight fall and nose is long and straight. The head is triangular with almond-shaped, oval eyes.. Ears are straight and pointed high post at the head. The hind legs are much higher than the front legs. Long torso is muscular and powerful, tail is medium to long, very bushy long semi on varieties. Color of hair and ojos.mismos in St Helena. Helen’s. Both races are mature slowly, the full size reaches the age of 3 years.


  • Head: from the front, a long triangle, straight cheek line. Nose and mouth, long and straight, with a slight dip in the height of the eyes. Teeth and strong Chin. Slightly rounded front, light dome on the front.
  • Olive-shaped eyes:from round to oval. All colours allowed. The color should be uniform.
  • Ears: broad at the base, large and medium-sized, in a V-shaped open space slightly rounded between the ears on the head above.
  • Body: big and strong, elegant, muscular, not cobby. Long back and neck. Hips and shoulder muscular. Great measures. Morphology develops rapidly. Hind legs slightly longer than the front.
  • Tail: in balance with the extent of the body. In thinner tip than root.
  • Color: all colors with the exception of chocolate, Lilac, cinnamon and fawn, sharp colors and mink. Solid color should be white. No regular colour bicolor.

kicia.EU, Afrodita-Gatos

Breeds of cats: Aphrodite

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