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Tens of millions of animals are slaughtered and massacred in China each year. Their skins have high demand in the world and the Chinese supplied the goods. That is not sent abroad usually ends in the dishes.

The sad fact is that the animals usually suffer indescribable pain. They are captured on the streets and locked up in small cages, without ability of movement. They are then released from the truck to the ground along with cages, as if they were loaded, hit with each other and with iron cages.

MAS tarde, the same cages are stacked on each other and then the real nightmare begins.
The worker gets brutally to the animal's cage and tied it so don't fight it, then he hit on the head to stun him, but it is still alive. Sometimes, If the animal is not heavy, the worker takes it by the hind legs, it spins it in the air and hit his head on the floor; After that the animal surrenders, starts a new and incredible stage in this endless nightmare, the worker makes a small cut in the rear of the animal and then begins to Flay the skin carefully, a proceeding that takes as a minute, until that takes all the skin the animal, and during this time, worker is concerned let him live.

The explanation is that while the animal is alive and hot, and the blood flowing in their veins, It is easier to get the skin.

Nor then ends the nightmare and the last stage in this incredible process is when they released the animal to the pile along with fellow, all despellejados, all still alive, until slowly, Unable to endure their sufferings, exalan one by one his last breath.

In other cases, When is the skin of animals not necessary, usually it's cats, they get a certain number of cats in a sack and introduce within a drum with boiling water, Thus cooked alive cats.

This process is extremely difficult to understand, but we believe that it is not driven by the cruelty, but by ignorance and lack of knowledge. Workers do not think to kill the animal at first and are not aware of their suffering.

In this case is our responsibility to others to open their eyes. It is our duty moral for these animals. If we close our eyes, will this not end!!

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“>Stand by animals in China. from 00″>ptroa on Vimeo.

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