They throw a puppy to a container of crystals the night of the final of the UEFA European Championship – Rota (Cadiz)


Last Sunday, during the celebration of the victory of the Spanish football team, someone tossed to a container buried glass to a six-month puppy in the area of the stadium 'Arturo sailing tips'. Thanks to a neighbor heard the cries of the animal and he provided the voice of alarm, This dog, that from the humane ' Siempre Contigo’ He has christened 'Spain', is in perfect condition and ready to be adopted.

The dog was not injured, only some scratches, and after the veterinary assessment, their State of health is good, But if it fails to be by the neighbour he probably heard their howls its end would have been another more dramatic.

The protection of animals, that has taken charge of the US, He wanted to thank the persistence of its neighbour which warned of the event, that was not it moved from the scene of the accident until the rescue occurred, as well as the Local police, he rescued after the opening of the container to the animal and gave him first aid before being brought to a veterinarian.

From ' Siempre Contigo’ they have expressed their profound rejection of this event, and they have highlighted the fact that “While all Spain and the rotenos celebrated as healthy and happy for the victory of the selection, someone tossed to the puppy to a container. We do not know what can lead a person to do something so wretched”, They explain through their official website,

In holiday seasons such as summer drop-outs of animals percentage rise in a remarkable way, and the work of the protective of animals as ' Siempre Contigo’ Multiplies. It is not uncommon that they are with cases of ill-treatment and cruelty towards animals like this bitch, that if not for the intervention of a citizen would have faced certain death.

Via: andaluciainformacion

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28 March, 2013 10:53 pm

how much loose scoundrel , as they do that the dog

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