They are attached to a lost dog and it burn live on a plot of Valencia

Aranzazu fell as each afternoon next to your walk to Tidus, a crossroads of Belgian shepherd who took just over one year ago in the protective of Valencia, Modepran. However, He escaped in a small oversight that later proved fateful: “Couldn't ran behind him because I am a foot wrong so, as it was not the first time that I went, I went home to drop off my child and then went to look for it”.

After a couple of hours of searching by the neighbourhood of Benimamet in Valencia, around the 22.30 hours heard some heartbreaking bark that it came from a field that is next to the stonemasons metro station. Aranzazu explains horrified and between sobs how saw Tidus “tied to a fence” jumping desperate “with his whole body wrapped in smoke and calcined”.

Aranzazu called running to the Local police and to the vet. After the first cures, He could take it home “with the 70% body searing with first and second degree burns“. Though Tidus is still alive, “It is suffering much”. Veterinarians have been told that it is possible that it can survive and Aranzazu is clear that it will do “everything possible” to allow to recover from his wounds and discarded completely “sacrifice it”.

The facts occurred the past 14 November, as stated in the complaint that lodged in police premises and so far officials have not given with this terrible fact book. The neighbors are suspicious of a group of people known by the neighborhood that days ago attacked with stones about cats and up to a beggar.


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