Posted by pets | 6 November 2017

Cuban Macaw †

Cuban Macaw

Description of Cuban Macaw:

The Cuban Macaw (Ara tricolor) ave a great era, He is having a length between 45 and 50 centimeters, the forecrown It was red and orange and yellow the nape.

Around the eyes He had white areas devoid of feathers. Face, abdomen, chest and the thighs they were … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 18 September 2017

Glaucous Macaw †

Glaucous Macaw


72 cm.. length.

The plumage general of the Glaucous Macaw (Anodorhynchus glaucus) It is light blue, almost turquoise top, with strong grayish hue in head and underparts.

Uppertail Blue-Green; undertail gray.

The bill It is dark blackish gray, the leaves … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 29 February 2016

Red-shouldered Macaw

Red-shouldered Macaw


30 cm.. length and a weight between 130 and 170 g..

The Red-shouldered Macaw (Diopsittaca nobilis) along with the other two subspecies belong to the Group of the small macaws often called dwarf macaws or mini macaws parrots.

They have forecrown, front of the crown and area … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 27 February 2016

Red-bellied Macaw

Red-bellied Macaw


50 to 51 cm.. length and a weight between 292 and 390 g.

The Red-bellied Macaw (Orthopsittaca manilatus) is a medium-sized Macaw; has the forecrown and crown a bright blue, gradually faded to blue-green color in the area of the … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 21 February 2016

Yellow-collared Macaw

Yellow-collared Macaw


Of 37 to 45 cm. length and a weight between 240 and 250 g..

The Yellow-collared Macaw (Primolius auricollis) already it was described by American ornithologist John Cassin in 1853.

Similar to the Blue-headed Macaw, is distinguished by a characteristic … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 15 February 2016

Blue-winged Macaw

Blue-winged Macaw

Maracanã Macaw description:

Of 43 cm.. of length and a weight of 265 g..

The Blue-winged Macaw (Primolius maracana) It is increasingly rare and exotic.

This small Macaw has the forecrown marked with a narrow band of black color that fades into blue in the area of … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 11 February 2016

Blue-headed Macaw

Blue-headed Macaw


Of 41 cm.. length and a weight which varies between 207 and 294 g..

The rare and beautiful Blue-headed Macaw (Primolius couloni), with its striking and vivid plumage Green and blue, Unfortunately, now hardly seen in nature.

As its common name suggests, … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 7 February 2016

Chestnut-fronted Macaw

Chestnut-fronted Macaw


46 cm.. length and a weight between 285 and 387 g..

The Chestnut-fronted Macaw (Ara severus) It is a medium-sized Parrot with a plumage predominantly Green.

The male and female are almost identical and juveniles are hardly different from adults.

In … Read the rest

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Anatomy of the Psitacidae


Species of the genus Ara

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