American Burmese

Burmese americano
Photo: © Julia White

This race, the cat American Burmese, It was created in the year 1930 by the Dr.G.Thompson, by selecting the appropriate crosses he obtained a pure Burmese breed.

The American Burmese It differs from its European counterpart in the roundness of his head. The contemporary look, extremely rounded was born with Good Fortune Fortunatus in the Decade of 1970, Unfortunately, He did also a hereditary malformation of the skull which is often lethal or requires euthanasia.
Even in the Decade of 1980, Brown is the only colour accepted universally.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”345″]It is lively, loving and brave. Faithful, expressive and sociable. It is a docile cat, intelligent and demanding. He doesn't socialize with other cats.

It is said that he can sense the emotions of those around him. He likes open spaces and climbing in the trees.

Breeds of cats: American Burmese cat

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