European Burmese

birmano europeo

The European Burmese descended from the American: Us cats were imported to Europe after the second world war and the GCCF acknowledged Brown at 1952. Europeans preferred a more Eastern aspect and wanted a higher range of colours.
In 1996 Another change occurred, When the FIFé It changed its standard to allow green eyes.

While the American Branch has developed a rounded morphology, European breeders followed by New Zealanders, South Africans and Australians, they have opted for by a muscular but more angular morphology.

The coat is short and of good quality, located close to the body. The tail has a rounded tip, the feet are oval-shaped, the rear is slightly more long Forelegs and the head is short and triangular, with half-rounded ears. The eyes of the European Burmese are large and spaced, leaning slightly.

The most obvious difference between the Burmese American and the European Burmese is the array of the colors displayed by the European Burmese – ten to be precise. The introduction of the Red gene is responsible for the additional colors.

European Burmese adapts very well to life both the interior life open-air. They love the games and exercise.

Breeds of cats: European Burmese cat

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