American Bobtail

Bobtail americano

The American Bobtail It is a cat of short tail that emerged spontaneously in the United States. The ideal subject is a medium-sized to large cat, Atlético, well muscled and strong, that gives an impression of power. The tail is short of birth. Clothing, short or medium long hair, is the double layer, dense and bushy.


  • Head: The head is wide, with powerful JAWS, No flat surface. In profile, the nose has a smooth curve between the eyes. There may be a light stop. The cheeks are full. The Chin is strong.
  • Snout: The muzzle is as wide as long.
  • Ears: medium-sized, they are wide at the base, open and well placed low on the head. They are slightly rounded, with “Lynx tips” (feathers) in the tip. The interior is well covered with abundant hair.
  • Eyes: large, widths, oval, the eyes are oblique with respect to the base of the ear.
  • Neck: in proportion with the body, the neck appears short because of the power of muscles and the density of the skin.
  • Body: Semi-size cobby, athletic and strong body is slightly longer than high. . The aisles are wide and the back straight. The chest is full and the hips are strong. Males should be more chunky, wide shoulders and a muscled appearance. Females should also be hard, keeping female elegance.
  • Legs: well-proportioned body, the legs are muscular and heavy bones. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front.
  • Feet: The feet are large and round.
  • Tail: short measuring tail between 2,5 and 10 cm and not must never exceed the Hock.

the American Bobtail must give the impression of an active cat, alert, athletic and well proportioned, with a tail or too long or too short, What would affect its natural balance.

This breed is playful, friendly, energetic and highly intelligent. Are very tolerant with young children, leaving catch for them as if in a small sack of potatoes were.

Breeds of cats: American Bobtail

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