Gato Bombay
Bombay. Credit © Chanan Photography

The term Bombay cat used to refer to two different breeds of cats , known as the British Bombay and the “American Bombay”.

The “Bombay” It is an absolutely black domestic cat, hair short and closely related to Burmese.

The bombay It is the creation of the brooder Nikki Horner, He proposed, in the Decade of 1950, produce a Black Panther in miniature. Using black American shorthair cats by the color and the Burmese marta for the complexion, He managed to produce muscular cats with glossy black hair and eyes copper in the Decade of 1960; the race was formally recognized in 1976.

However, the bombay, This is still rare, mostly out of North America, It has not been recognized by records Europe, and in Great Britain, the term bombay It refers to an Asian black short hair.

Apparently the bombay diverges from its original appearance Burmese, especially in the shape of the head, It may be result of playback to avoid lineages associated with deformity of the skull of the Burmese. The layer is attached to the body and has a texture ranging from medium to fine as silk. You must always have the feature that makes it shine in patent leather. The hair, well attached to the body as a satin gown is short or medium.

It is gregarious and warm places and seeks human companionship when you can, standing in the lap of someone.
He has a nice voice and characteristic.

Big eyes, rounded and widely spaced.

Average life expectancy: Approx.. 13-15 years.

British Bombay:

It is the name given to black cats Asian group. This is kind of a cat Burma greenish eyes.
The black color, smooth and shiny due to the roots, with null pale.

Breeds of cats: Bombay

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